Genus takes ideas and turns them into reality

The Design and Build programme from Genus develops ideas into a state of the art, striking interior, inspiring confidence in both the patients and staff.

A committed specialist works with the dentist, developing and overseeing the project whilst keeping the design within all new and existing industry guidelines. Using the latest in CAD and 3D software, Genus’ designers provide accurate previews of the finished project, creating a greater understanding between dentist and specialist.

By not being bound to a particular manufacturer, Genus is able to source from different locations, obtaining the perfect furniture, fixtures and fittings for the practice. Genus delivers independent advice and goes the extra mile to listen to the customer’s concerns.

Everybody knows designing a practice from scratch is not easy. This is why Genus holds a partnership-driven approach, designed to foster better communication and problem solving, identifying risk factors and implementing improvements. This has already produced project savings in excess of 15%.

Genus impressed delegates at this year’s BDTA Dental Showcase with its state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programmes and expert advice. Genus Dental can create an accurate, full-colour portrayal of how your finished practice renovation or refurbishment will look. Attendees learned how they could use the package to alter the layout of each room and cleverly optimise the space available to them.

Genus offered advice to delegates on issues such as HTM 01-05 compliance and how to create additional space and improve practice logistics. As well as creating different styles with lighting, colour and furniture arrangements.

In today’s current competitive climate, it is imperative that dentists secure patient loyalty whilst also increasing numbers. Creating an outstanding first impression by making you practice both stylish and memorable, is a way to do just that. This is where the expert advice from Genus becomes so invaluable when creating your unique practice.

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