Powerful Imagery from Castellini

The Videorcam System from Castellini offers any practice superior imaging capabilities, to offer patients high quality care.

Designed for exceptional clarity of image, the lightweight and compact camera automatically activates when removed from the holder. Live video images are displayed on the 17-inch monitor, allowing for better treatment communication with the patient. The Soft-Touch command allows crisp images to be captured using a dental foot control: these images boast outstanding clarity and sharpness and can be simply transferred to a PC for record keeping.

The Videorcam’s miniaturised head and Macro function simplify examinations. This outstanding feature allows the Videorcam to see the smallest detail with up to 50x magnification, and provide high-resolution, natural coloured images that are accurate and precise.

mages captured by the Videorcam can help patients better understand diagnosis and treatment options.

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