Pensions and the new laws

The government has recently passed new laws that will have a significant impact on every employer in the UK.

In effect from 2012, the new laws mean a radical overhaul of workplace pensions, and will require all employers to ‘automatically enrol’ their staff into a qualifying pension scheme, one which they are also expected to make minimum contributions to.

Employers can either use their own pension scheme, or rely on a Government designed scheme.

It is essential that employers establish how best to adhere to the law prior to it being policed and enforced by the Pensions Regulator.

So do you want to keep control of your benefits package, or rely on someone else who knows nothing about your practice?

Do you feel the service provided by your existing Financial Advisor is irregular and inconsistent?

Would you like to seriously raise the perceptions of your staff towards the rewards offered by your practice?

Would you simply like to ensure that you are ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to the impending changes that will seriously impact your practice and cash flow?

Once you’ve answered these, seek the advice of your Financial Adviser on how these changes will impact you!

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