Denticom launches new 24/7 service

Countless dental practices spend thousands of pounds on advertising, website enhancements and even leaflet drops but fail to see a return on such investment as when most patients try to respond after hours, they are closed.

Answering your practice's calls at anytime of day or night! Missed patient calls will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Denticom’s new 24/7 system. Whenever your practice is busy or closed, Denticom’s fully trained 24/7 team will pick up the calls that would normally go unanswered, greeting patients in exactly the same way as your in-house staff.

The team at Denticom can either take messages and relay them back to your practice by email or text message, or they can talk callers through your website if you have one and discuss any treatments on offer. The bespoke call plan is tailored to your practice’s needs and is regularly reviewed.

In short, the 24/7 system will capture new patients, improve patient retention, eliminate the need to employ an extra member of staff, answer ALL calls within seconds and mprove your practice’s profitability!

Denticom 24/7 also helps to maximise returns on marketing campaigns by ensuring that all new patient enquiries are responded to quickly and efficiently at any time of day or night.

For more information on Denticom 24/7 and to stay one step ahead of your competitors call Denticom on 0844 573 3000 or visit