The changing face of TheDentalWeb

The more observant amongst you may have noticed a few changes taking place here at TheDentalWeb as changes finally come to fruition and visually start to take effect.

A lot of the redevelopment work we have been carrying out in the background during the past two years is now beginning to take shape, Once completed, you will find new features, easier submissions and more intuitive site.

One of the more obvious changes is of course, the overall site layout. It is transitional at the moment as we are moving from one creaky old system to another more efficient and modern one, so some areas of the site still show the old layout but this will quickly change. The new 'News' section with the two column layout, should make it much easier to read and review items of interest but we are not finished with that yet as more changes will also soon take place. Additional features such as RSS feeds and the ability to Tweet news will also be implemented.

This is quite an exciting time for us as we have planned all of these changes for a few years. We took the choice to redevelop the site completely from the inside out so that we could have the structure we needed which could be expanded over time as needs arise. This involved moving to a new dedicated server which would allow us to use the features in software we simply could not use on the old one. To minimise disruption, we built this new site framework on the new server whilst running the site on the old one then, when everything was ready, transferred all the data across but kept the existing interface intact whilst development continued in the background. Once everything was in place and working correctly, we could start to implement the new visual interface and that is the phase we have now reached.

Doing it in this way means we cannot simply switch over everything at once but rather the changes take effect gradually over a period of time as everything is re-wired. The remaining changes should happen now quite quickly so that the old site will simply disappear as the new interface takes effect across the site.

There will be more opportunities for visitors to participate in the site which will be revealed soon, so meanwhile do please keep sending in your submissions of news, articles and links and if you have any ideas or suggestions - do let us know.

Thank you for your patience and for supporting TheDentalWeb during this transition, with apologies for any disruption or inconvenience - normal service will resume as soon as possible.