Expert support for purchasing a practice

Buying a practice is probably the most significant step in a dentist’s career. With the current economic situation, now is a good time to plan a future business purchase.

Essential Money is one of the leading firms of Independent Financial Advisers specialising in the dental profession, offering expertise to help navigate through the challenging waters of purchasing a practice.

Having worked with hundreds of dental practitioners from across the country, Essential Money has the skills and knowledge to help at all stages, including what you need to know to prepare a finance proposal, how to select and negotiate with the right lender, and how to make sure the relevant insurances are in place.

As a team dedicated to dentists, and members of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD), Essential Money has a detailed understanding of the circumstances specific to the profession.

With an excellent reputation for providing clients with clear, concise and independent advice, Essential Money is the ideal partner for the journey towards establishing your own practice.

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