Protocols for Patient Treatment

To help members achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction, the BACD provides a series of protocols and consent forms, to ensure a methodological approach to treatment planning.

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to promoting excellence in the provision of cosmetic dental treatment. By using the BACD consent forms, tailored to each individual case, clinicians can make sure the patient is fully informed of all the options. In order for a patient’s consent to be valid, they must understand in advance the purpose and nature of the treatment, likely effects and consequences, risks, limitations and possible side effects as well as alternatives and costs.

Additional consent forms will need to be used or incorporated for areas such as Sedation, Tooth Whitening and Periodontal Surgery.

By fully documenting the treatment process, any patient complaint becomes much less likely.

The BACD is committed to excellence in cosmetic dentistry. For more information contact the BACD on 0207 612 4166 or email