Safeguard your business against investigations

“Middle-class professionals are facing an unprecedented campaign against tax evasion by government revenue inspectors.” says Chris Hope, Whitehall Editor of The Telegraph.

The spotlight has been turned onto the accounts of professionals earning more than £100,000, and this will include many dentists. Investigations such as these are not only worrying and time consuming, but can be a huge risk to any business, often costing thousands of pounds in accountant and investigation specialist fees. Considering Professional Fees Insurance could help safeguard your business, and your profits.

According to The Times, “Under new powers that came into force in April, HMRC can compel third parties to produce information about tax payers, even when there is no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Professional Fee Protection Ltd offers an insurance that pays up to £75,000 towards fees in the event of a tax investigation, ensuring the recovery of costs incurred.

Recognised as one of the most successful and innovative providers of fee protection insurance in the UK, PFP has a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals and businesses when dealing with the tax authorities, and can offer support and advice to help businesses through this testing time.

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