The importance of a legal Partnership Agreement

During these turbulent financial times, it is unfortunate that some small businesses may not weather the storm. In situations like this it is important that everyone within a partnership is secure should the worst happen.

If you are practising jointly with another dentist or dental professionals, the dedicated team at Goodman Legal cannot stress enough the importance of a clear and legally correct partnership agreement.

Should the partnership break down, for any reason, a legal partnership agreement will ensure that there should be no issues to dispute, and will help make this stressful time less unpleasant for everyone.

To safe guard your business from any potentially thorny issues, employing the help of a professional is vital. Goodman Legal work exclusively within the dental industry and remain at the forefront of their field through providing service, innovation and quality legal advice. The dedicated team can help produce a partnership agreement that is tailored to your specific needs, and which will provide protection for your practice, your partners and yourself.

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