Make Treatment Affordable with Patient Referral Plans

Munroe Sutton offers the perfect solution for making dental treatment affordable for patients who are finding themselves having to budget carefully during a recession.

Reports suggest that some patients are foregoing dental treatment as a non-essential expenditure in these difficult times. The Healthy Discounts dental plan by Munroe Sutton ensures that treatment is still affordable in order for patients to keep up with the all-important maintenance of their oral healthcare.

Dental Plans are a tried and tested solution to affordable dental care, offering discounts to patients while maintaining profitability for the practitioner. Patients pay a nominal monthly fee to join the Plan and then receive 20% off most treatments from a participating dentist, and are able to pay at time of service.

Joining the scheme for dentists is FREE and practitioners additionally enjoy free marketing and promotion of their practice, access to a substantial pooled patient list, as well as discounts on certain lab fees.

Patient Referral Plans provide excellent benefits for both practitioner and patient in difficult times, increasing treatment plan acceptance rates for the practitioner and ensuring that patients can still keep their dental appointments, avoiding any long term health impacts from a lack of regular dental care.

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