Perio Prediction Tool to be Trialled on UK Patients

Ten UK dental primary care practices have been recruited to an important and innovative Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) involving PreViser, the periodontal risk assessment software.

The aim of the trial is to quantify its impact on periodontal health and to assess whether the online programme has a motivational impact on patients. PreViser is a validated internet-based software tool which can assess patients’ gum health in a simple and objective way. Data is entered into a simple input screen and transmitted to a server in an encrypted format. Within seconds, the system returns a personalised report on the patient’s current periodontal status and future periodontal risk.

The practices involved in the new trial all belong to the Product Research and Evaluation Panel (PREP), established by Professor Trevor Burke of Birmingham University. The panel usually evaluates new dental materials in general practice, making the PreViser trial a first for the 10 practices involved. PreViser is already being used in practices in the UK and can be downloaded for a free 30 day trial at

PreViser is owned by a US company which has awarded an exclusive licence to Birmingham-based Oral Health Innovations Ltd to market it in the UK and Ireland. Liz Chapple is Director of OHI Ltd, a company co-owned by the University of Birmingham. A percentage of profits will go to the UK’s Oral and Dental Research Trust and further profit share to funding PhD students at Birmingham’s Dental School.

Liz explained that the new trial of PreViser is valuable because previous studies have focused on the experience of clinicians. She commented: “The engagement of patients is an important aspect of the product since once their risk is identified, they are encouraged to take control of their lifestyle factors such as smoking and oral hygiene.”

She added: “Risk assessment of patients is becoming an established healthcare process. It is already being used in medicine to guide care pathways and it will happen in dentistry. At the moment, PreViser is the only evidence-based tool for risk assessment that there is for dental practices.”

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