The Key to Increased Profitability

In times of recession, all businesses need to keep a sharp eye on their finances and ensure they stay afloat and ride out the turbulent times. This is particularly relevant to the dental market where competition is fierce and the attraction and retention of patients is key to maintaining a profitable practice.

Munroe Sutton has 30 years’ experience in helping dentists grow their patient bases and their innovative Patient Referral Plan is especially effective in tough financial times.

Pioneered in the United States and boasting over 8 million members, the Munroe Sutton Patient Referral Plan assures increased profitability for dentists, yet simultaneously delivers savings for patients. It also includes free marketing and promotion of the practice, with free enrolment in the scheme for all dentists who meet the required professional criteria. This ensures that patients are also guaranteed an excellent level of care through the scheme. Patients additionally enjoy discounted rates and pay at the time of service.

An added advantage for the enrolled dentist is access to Munroe Sutton’s Laboratory discounts. Increased profitability with no extra outlay is good news for dentists. The advantages of the Patient Referral Plan are clear

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