Munroe Sutton Accessible Dental Care for UK Families

There are many dental professionals asking questions about Munroe Sutton. Message boards are alive with questions from professionals who want to know more about the American market leader of providing patient referral plans. Here are the frequently asked questions about Munroe Sutton that will help you make up your own mind.

Who are they? Munroe Sutton is the UK version of Careington International ( an established US company that offers both patients and dentist’s benefits through their innovative and simple patient referral plan.

What can they do for me? Dentists provide their services at a slightly reduced cost and in return, gain access to an enormously large pool of potential patients. The plans reduce out-of-pocket costs – it is therefore easier for patients to afford necessary treatments and for dentists to increase treatment plan acceptance rates.

What will it cost me? Nothing

How do I sign up? – Complete a simple one page questionnaire that provides your practice information and how you would like to be advertised to members of the scheme, sign your name agreeing to provide the discount off your private fees and start receiving patient referrals.

Does it work? – Munroe Sutton has been tried and tested in the US and found to be highly effective. The statistics speak for themselves, currently over 7 million American’s subscribe to this patient referral plan and this figure is climbing.