Hogies Plus Eyeguards See the difference

Award-winning protective eyewear from the Hogies range has always given dental practitioners uncompromised safety and integrity whilst remaining lightweight and stylish.

Now the Hogies Plus Eyeguard range has been improved with additional features including:

Adjustable nosepiece for maximum comfort
Resilient water repellent coating to protect the lens
Enhanced scratch, fog and solvent resistance on both sides of the lens.
Additional Minus Projection for various nasal features

With the ophthalmic-quality polycarbonate lens providing the clear vision essential for successful treatment, the Hogies Plus range ensures eyes are protected from harmful flying debris or liquids.

The Hogies Plus nose bridge is made of medical grade silicone, reinforced with stainless steel, giving it maximum adjustment for comfort and suitability for all facial characteristics. The Hogies plus Eyeguard gives unrivalled comfort and optimal airflow to prevent lens fogging. Combined with the range of colours available to suit all tastes, Hogies Eyeguards remain the ultimate in clinical eye protection.

For more information please call John Jesshop on 07971 128077 or email john.jesshop@blackwellsupplies.co.uk