Dental Phobia - Treating a Patient with Extreme Anxiety

The tales that surround dentistry is normally of a horrific nature but also very outdated and out of step with modern dentistry. Many people who suffer from dental phobia often do not realise that their condition is recognised and capable of treatment. Instead they develop their own coping strategies, which normally involve avoiding dental work and hoping that their teeth can look after themselves.

To the professional these fears may seem unfounded, as the fact-to-legend ratio is somewhat disproportionate. It is however a real fear or phobia that must be recognised from the dental professional and dealt with in a way that constitutes a level of patient care that is acceptable and hopefully, excellent.<

A specialist website at has been set up to help offer information to patients and professionals about Dental Phobia and how to manage anxiety about treatment. Currently rated number one on for the key phrase “Dental Phobia” this website offers many outstanding features including patient articles and stories, access to ask dental professionals questions about fears or upcoming treatments and tips about dealing with severe dental anxiety.

Dental also offers patients a directory of dental phobia certified dentists who meet a minimum criteria to ensure an excellent standard of care to anxious patients.

Understanding and offering a service to patients that suffer with dental phobia will enable patients access to better oral health, and another reason to come to your practice.

For more information about Dental Phobia Certification or for placement on the dental phobia directory, visit