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As a Sole Practitioner, have you ever considered what would happen to your Practice in the event of your death? Under General Dental Law, upon your death the estate has 3 years to find a buyer, but what if you have an NHS contract?

The importance of making a valid Will is abundantly clear. By planning for such an event and appointing Executors, you will ensure the continuance of your Practice and protect not only your business, but also your family.

Without a Will, until the Probate Court has granted Letters of Administration to the next of kin, no one has legal authority to make decisions about your Practice. By the time Letters of Administration are granted, it may be too late to protect your family from having their inheritance lose value.

The ASPD network offers dental professionals advice and consultancy from leading industry authorities such as Edwin Ross Solicitors who are experts in Will preparation and Probate, acting for Dentists across the UK.

Each ASPD member’s objective is to provide the highest level of service and expert advice, ensuring reliable guidance and outstanding support to dental professionals every time.

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