Rotary Endodontic procedures embrace success!

Mrs ProTaper Universal lies at the centre of most successful Endodontic procedures in the UK*. Due to her unique shape, she cuts quickly ensuring efficiency, whilst maintaining flexibility, whether you are heading straight or into a curve. She doesn't mind how experienced you are, whether you are a GDP who hasn?t used her before or an Endodontist, she's high quality and easy to work with, ensuring excellent and consistent results every time. She's a true exception - let her be at the centre of your endodontic success.

* ProTaper Universal is the market leader with 56.6% market share (Q1,09 SDM data)

Dentsply's Rotary Endodontic Procedural Team understands that excellence in endodontics is a must. So from access to restoration we will help you achieve consistent reproducible results. Each of the high quality products work perfectly together achieving excellent clinical outcomes, offering a simple, cost effective and predictable way to excel in endodontics. Embrace endodontic success with Rotary Endodontic Team!

Access with Mr Start-X Ultrasonic Tips Access all areas

Shaping with Mrs ProTaper Universal NiTi Rotary File She's a true exception

Irrigation with Mr Glyde's EDTA-based Lubricant - A smooth operator

Obturation with Miss AH Plus Sealer No compromise & Mr Thermafil heated Gutta Percha Easy as 1, 2, 3-D

Temporary Restoration with Mr Chemfil Molar Glass-ionomer He's slick and non stick

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