What makes QED's NEW irrigant range special?

QED have introduced a new range of irrigants and similar related products which will be extremely useful for every practitioner with an interest in Endodontics, from the specialist Endodontist to the general practitioner.

They offer a comprehensive range which includes Chlorhexidine 2% for use as the final irrigation step for long lasting cleaning and disinfection of root canals; Sodium Hypochlorite 2% and <6% which are used for the irrigation, debridement and disinfection of root canals during and after instrumentation; Citric Acid which is recommended as a root canal irrigant / cleaner and conditioner - a mild chelating agent it can also be used to dissolve calcium hydroxide from canals; EDTA which facilitates the removal of the smear layer and dentine ?mud?, enhancing disinfection and preparing the dentine walls for advanced adhesion of filling materials; Eucalyptus Oil plus many other very useful products.

QED?s NEW irrigant range is just one of the additions detailed within their NEW Endodontic Catalogue and featured on www.qedendo.co.uk, the online version.

For further information telephone Quality Endodontic Distributors Ltd on 01733 404999, email sales@qedendo.co.uk, fax 01733 361243 visit www.qedendo.co.uk or contact your local QED Salesperson.