An Increased Patient Base with Munroe Sutton

General and specialist UK dentists in every field are invited to discover the Munroe Sutton Patient Referral Plan, and work with a team that has been helping dentists grow their patient base and increase profitability for 30 years.

Munroe Sutton knows how to advertise dental services, with over 7,000,000 patients on its US dental plan.

Participating dentists enjoy free marketing, also promoted through dental directories, weekly database updates and an up-to-date website search.

A 24/7 automated system ensures easy patient verification for an efficient process and smooth patient journey.

Utilise Jason Kim?s unique ceramic design concept and educational system, proven to boost porcelain veneer acceptance rates and offering proprietary lab fees.

Committed to excellence, Munroe Sutton works with dentists at the top of their profession to help reach out to millions of potential new patients. For a proven, world-class solution to increased revenue at no charge to the dentist, contact Munroe Sutton and discuss how you can benefit.

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