Essential Legal Advice on Incorporation

Many dental professionals are deciding to ?go limited? as they become increasingly aware of the benefits of incorporating their business. The process of incorporation is well defined and fairly straightforward, yet if it is left solely to the practice accountant, important aspects may be overlooked.

Dentists should be aware that a limited company is a separate legal entity and therefore all legal obligations and assets need to be considered and transferred to the new incorporated practice. It is vital that every legal issue associated with incorporation is addressed and it is highly recommended that a solicitor experienced in dental matters be involved from the outset.

Goodman Legal, Lawyers for Dentists provide expert legal advice to the dental profession on the incorporation process, with a team of specialist dental lawyers, and a portfolio of specialist legal services tailored to meet the needs of each unique practice.

Goodman Legal, Lawyers for Dentists have the experience and expertise to help dentists make a smooth transition to incorporation, ensuring that they receive the necessary advice and assistance throughout the process.

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