Win-Win Dental Plan Solutions

A solution that offers ?the best of both worlds? may at first appear to be too good to be true. However, with Munroe Sutton?s highly successful Patient Referral Plan, there is no catch. This innovative system has arrived from the US where Munroe Sutton has been helping dentists grow their profitability for 30 years. Indeed, over 69,000 dentists and 7 million US patients have chosen the Munroe Sutton dental plan.

It is an elegantly simple solution to boosting patient bases and increasing profitability, while offering great prices to patients. The uptake of a wide variety of attractive dental plan packages by individuals and employer groups of every size results in a pooling of potential patients, while dental practices join the Dental Network for access to this valuable resource.

Only selected, top dentists participate in the plan, providing assurance for patients along with pre-negotiated discounts that enable them to know exactly how much they will save on treatment. This helps dentists by boosting treatment plan acceptance rates.

Munroe Sutton offers effective marketing at no cost to the practitioner via an array of direct, innovative strategies with proven benefits for both practitioners and patients.

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