Dentistry Evolves To A Whole New Level

Breathe Business congratulates Dr Carol Somerville Roberts, who launched her new practice on the 20th of February 2009. Fully computerised, with a drinks island for complementary tea, coffee and champagne, a lavender burner in reception and the option for patients to watch DVDs during treatment, Evolve Dentistry represents a new standard in UK dentistry.

Carol is very grateful to Simon Hocken and Breathe Business for their invaluable guidance. ?Simon showed me the importance of vision,? she says, ?and encouraged me to avoid compromise. The Breathe Business team also helped me put together a sound business model.? Having enjoyed considerable success as a practice owner himself, Simon understands what it takes to succeed in dentistry, and the value of forward-thinking strategies.

Breathe Business enables dental professionals to fulfil their potential, by providing them with the confidence and knowledge to take control. With a wealth of bespoke services, Breathe Business helps dentists define where they want to be, provides ideas and the tools and strategies to get there, and then supports their clients as they implement the changes.

?I am proud that we persevered,? Carol concludes, ?and I now know where I need to go from here, thanks to Simon Hocken and Breathe Business.?

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