Selling Made Easy With DPCS

Dental Practice Consultancy Service (DPCS) has been successfully selling dental practices since 1990. Uniquely personal in its approach, DPCS recognises the individual character of each practice and has earned a reputation for securing the best price with the minimum of stress for the vendor.

The market today is particularly active, with an unusually large number of registered dentists seeking to acquire their own practice. In this situation the complexity of matching sellers to buyers is instantly apparent, and the process must be effectively managed to afford satisfaction to both parties.

Conditions in the property market are constantly changing, and in sectors with a commercial element such as dentistry are influenced by the current trading climate. DPCS has the experience and expertise to take these conditions into account.

DPCS provides advice to both sellers and purchasers of dental practices. Whatever your situation, with DPCS you can be sure you?re in safe hands.

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