Dental Students? African Initiative sponsored by Dentsply

Eight final year Manchester University dental students who travelled to Kenya to deliver quality dental care to those who would otherwise have very limited, or no access to recognised dental treatment of any kind, were pleased to have been sponsored by Dentsply.

The students? contribution formed part of a summer dental aid programme. Based at Kikuyu Hospital 20km west of Nairobi, the students provided urgently needed dental treatment. There are fewer dental hospitals in the whole of Africa than there are here in the UK, and the students? assistance proved invaluable.

Full dental checks were carried out on over 90 children at the Frances Jones Abandoned Baby Centre. Other patients received treatments which included scaling, extractions, single and multi-rooted endodontics and denture procedures. The generous donation of dental instruments from Dentsply, particularly the new Artio range, as well as other equipment, helped to make the expedition possible.

Dentsply congratulates the whole team for their hard work enabling so many of the Kenyan people to benefit from life-changing, essential dental treatment, and wishes the students well as they enter their final year of study at the Manchester Dental School.

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