The Benevolent Fund: Providing For Those In Need

We can never be fully prepared for what might life throw at us; we think we are indestructible until unfortunate events occur and then we need all the support available to us.

The BDA Benevolent Fund is a registered charity designed to assist dentists and their dependents in times of need. Whether they have suffered from an accident, illness or anything resulting in their not working they can find themselves in financial difficulty. The Fund will be there to offer financial support if appropriate.

The Fund has a long history, for 125 years it has helped dentists to resolve difficult situations. Each applicant is assisted in the strictest confidence and without judgement.

Without one-off regular donations and the continual support of the dental profession the Fund cannot sustain its dedication to helping others.

If you or anyone you know needs the help of the Benevolent Fund, please call Sally Atkinson on 020 7486 4994