90% Discount for VDPs

Dentists? Provident, the leading provider of income protection to dentists in the UK and Ireland, offers VDPs and House Officers a 90% discount on premiums throughout their training year.

The company is proud to offer two income protection packages tailored for VDPs and House Officers. Both packages offer an initial cover of ?300 per week (currently free of income tax and capital gains tax), payable after a deferred period of four weeks.

The VDP Essential package is designed as an entry-level solution and premiums start at just ?2.37 a month for a male non-smoker. The Essential package offers level benefits, so that in the event of long-term incapacity, the benefit payments will stay at a constant level for the duration of the claim.

VDP Premier is a comprehensive package which includes several additional features, including ?Escalation of Cover? and ?Indexation of Benefit Payments?, whereby the level of cover increases annually in line with the Consumer Price Index, as do the benefit payments throughout a long-term incapacity. The package also offers ?Severe Disability Benefit? and ?Enhanced Death Benefit? features, giving greater peace of mind.

For more information, contact Dentists? Provident on 020 7222 2511 or write to Dentists? Provident Society Ltd, 9 Gayfere Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3HN. www.dentistsprovident.co.uk