A Natural Smile In 5 Easy Steps

The Clearstep System is ideal for General Dental Practitioners seeking to provide an orthodontic service for patients. Integrating easily into your treatment list, this comprehensive method of treating malocclusions from mild to severe includes dedicated support from orthodontic experts, every step of the way.

1. With Expansion, the Clearstep System utilises the CODA, a revolutionary patented expansion device that is pre-activated and pre-adjusted in the expert team?s laboratory.

2. When it comes to Space Closure, the Clearstep Closing Screw and sectional fixed appliances provide a choice for the General Dental Practitioner.

3. Alignment is the perfect job for The Clearstep System?s clear, medical grade polymer positioners, guiding teeth incrementally into the desired position.

4. Finishing and Detailing brings the FORD into play. The Final Occlusal Refinement and Detailing appliance provides gentle, multiple and precise movements. Other systems used in this section include the Buccal Segment Settling Appliance and Elastic Mechanics.

5. Where Extras are concerned, you can make use of Bite Opening appliances, Composite Attachments for bodily movement and derotation and Anchorage Reinforcement to prevent tooth movement. A Transpalatal or Nance Arch can be utilised if necessary.

For more information call the OPT Laboratory and Diagnostic Faculty on 01342 337910 or email info@clearstep.co.uk or visit www.clearstep.co.uk www.clearstep.co.uk