Atomic Kitten and Stormtroopers make a splash!

Some visitors to the Practice Plan stand at the 2008 BDTA Dental Showcase were joined by Liz McClarnon from Atomic Kitten and a Stormtrooper from Star Wars - everyone, it seemed, wanted a taste of the experience. Practiceplan demonstrated how to experience the difference with their exciting and unique stand.

They claim that no one could walk past the stand without venturing into the eye-catching 3D cube. When entering the cube, visitors found themselves on a virtual beach with fish swimming around them. Visitors engaged in the practiceplan experience by working the interactive touch mat with their feet, making ripples in the shallow water, causing the fish to dance around their feet or swim away from them, along with sounds of rippling water filling the cube.

The cube demonstrated how being with practiceplan is different. The stand also promoted their industry leading Children?s Plan admin fee and the Online Direct Debit sign-up launched at the event, which now makes it even easier for patients to sign up to a plan.

Practiceplan claim to combine fun with helping dentists look at their business from a new perspective, taking time to understand the practice and care passionately about their customer?s business. Practiceplan ensures they are always there for their customers and are dedicated to delivering continuous support.

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