Breathe Business Club - The place to be?

Simon Hocken and Chris Barrow ,leading business coaches with more than 15 years of experience across over 750 practices in the UK, invite practice owners committed to a bigger future to attend the Breathe Business Club, and join a community of like-minded professionals.

Members of the Breathe Business Club meet on a quarterly basis for 2 days to discover strategies and techniques to help take their practices to the next level. Members realise the benefits of meeting in a peer-group environment to share contemporary ideas and solutions, as well as being mentored by the top 2 business coaches in dentistry.

Dr Fraser Hendrie of Craigentinny Dental Health Care, Edinburgh, is a member of that city?s Breathe Business Club. He eloquently summed up what a difference membership is making to him. ?I feel my mojo returning,? he says. ?Thank you, Chris and Simon, for two excellent days!?

Key areas of focus at Breathe Business Club meetings include maximising productivity and profitability, sales & marketing to increase and maintain the flow of qualified new patients and high-value treatment plan sales, building the ultimate ability team around you and implementing a proven turnkey package of operational systems.

Supported by one-to-one coaching from Simon and Chris in between meetings, the Breathe Business Club is the place to come for cutting-edge thinking on the business of dentistry.

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