A Credit to an Industry in Real Crisis

All too often, today?s fast-paced lifestyles lead us to take good service for granted. But as Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) has experienced, on occasion, there are still some who feel bound to express their appreciation

Recently, IDH?s Whitland Dental Surgery, came under the spotlight following the publication of a letter in the Western Telegraph on January 30. The letter, headlined ?A Credit to An Industry In real Crisis? and signed from ?an impressed unregistered dental patient?, explained how she witnessed the receptionist going to great lengths to help an elderly patient who urgently needed some teeth removed before he could have a hip operation. The receptionist explained that because of a long waiting list he would not be able to be seen. The letter said:

This was quite upsetting for the gentleman who desperately needed his hip operation. However, the receptionist could see he was in great need of an appointment and she immediately rang the local health board and asked whether they would agree for the gentleman to be seen. The gentleman was give an appointment and hopefully his operation will go ahead. The lady who dealt with him did her utmost and was extremely sensitive to his predicament. She is a credit to the NHS and her surgery. These people have a tough enough job so I feel we should give credit where it is due.

IDH wishes to commend the whole team at the Whitland Dental surgery for providing patients with a service they can count on.

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