The First Line of Defence in the treatment of Chronic Adult Periodontal Disease

Periodontal health is a crucial element in most dental treatments, and for over 14 years Dentomycin has been helping dentists fight back against periodontal disease

Dentomycin, active ingredient Minocycline, is proven to significantly reduce key periodontal pathogens and pocket depth1, reducing inflammation and destroying harmful bacteria (when used in conjunction with scaling and root planing the pocket depth reduction can reach 42% over 12 weeks!2).

Dentomycin is an effective tool to aid periodontal health, with several key features and benefits including:

? Slows down the periodontal destruction process
? Does not interact with alcohol
? Leaves no unpleasant taste in the patient?s mouth
? Inhibits harmful collagenases to encourage tissue & bone regeneration
? Promotes connective tissue attachment
? Actively promotes healing
? Easy to use with a practical, pre-filled applicator

With excellent benefits and proven results, Dentomycin 2% minocycline periodontal gel is a potent weapon against periodontal disease. For uncompromising standards of patient care, start using Dentomycin in your practice today.

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1. Seymour RA, Heasman PA: Tetracyclines in the management of periodontal diseases. A review. J Clin Periodontal 1995; 22:22-35.
2. Van Steenberghe D, et al (1993), J Periodontal 64, 637-644.

Dentomycin abbreviated Prescribing information:

Dentomycin Periodontal Gel 2% w/w (minocycline hydrochloride). Indications: Moderate to severe chronic adult periodontitis as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in pockets of 5mm depth or greater. For information on side-effects, precautions, contra-indications and other product particulars, refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics. Legal Category: POM. Product Licence Holder: Henry Schein UK Holdings Limited, Medcare House, Centurion Close, Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SB. Distributed by: Blackwell Supplies, a division of Henry Schein UK Holdings Limited Tel: 020 7224 1457 Date of Preparation: July 2007

Adverse Event Reporting: Information about adverse event reporting can be found at
Adverse events should also be reported to Blackwell Supplies, Medcare House, Centurion Close, Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SB or by telephone: 01634 877525