Dentsply Supports Belfast Initiative

When the School of Dentistry in Belfast added rotary endodontics to its syllabus, Dentsply?s assistance enabled the purchase of 15 motors, rotary files and obturation kits. The Clinical Teaching Fellows were invited to attend a Dentsply Maillefer ?Train the Trainer? event in Ballaigues, Switzerland on October 11th /12th 2007.

Both the social and clinical aspects of the event proved highly successful. The 14 delegates spent the first morning visiting the Maillefer factory in Ballaigues, about 20 minutes from their base at the Grand Hotels des Bains, Yverdon?Les?Bains, with Daniel Nobs, Maillefer?s Commercial Director.

Dr. Arnaldo Castelluci, a specialist endodontic practitioner in Florence, Italy, and a visiting Professor of Endodontics at the University of Florence Dental School, was responsible for the clinical presentations, held in the education suite at the Dentsply Maillefer factory. An entertaining and accomplished speaker, he described the aims of endodontic treatment and was able to engage with all his listeners despite their varying levels of expertise.

After a lecture by Dr. Castellucci covering rotary endodontics, retreatment and the use of ultrasonics in endodontics, the second day gave opportunities for hands-on practice with access to microscopes and ultrasonic equipment. Dr. Castellucci also discussed teaching techniques and provided an educational DVD.

The Belfast fellows offer thanks to Kate Caple and all at Dentsply Maillefer for helping to arrange this course.