Book Launch at the Eastman

The launch of the second edition of Professor Crispian Scully?s book "Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine" was celebrated at an informal reception at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute at the end of January. The event was hosted by the author and Alison Taylor, commissioning editor of the publishers Elsevier, who was full of praise for Professor Scully?s astonishing ability to meet deadlines; admirable indeed considering he has published probably the highest number of books, chapters and papers in dentistry worldwide. Book launch photo gallery

The book, in its first edition a winner of the Royal Society of Medicine/Society of Authors book awards in the ?new authored book category?, provides an accessible account of the basics of oral and maxillofacial medicine and explores common presenting complaints such as cervical lymphadenopathy, lumps and swellings, soreness and ulceration. Highlighted are conditions that are most important, whether because of frequency or potential seriousness, and key information is presented in a templated, easily-readable, practical manner. Clear guidance is given on how to talk with patients and their relatives, and sample patient advice information is given.

For information on how to order the book, contact Elsevier on 01865 474010 or visit the website

This year the Eastman is celebrating its 60th anniversary and Andrew Eder presented details of the two-day congress to be held on April 3-4, which is open to all dental professionals ( A commemorative booklet, "Diamond Jubilee of the Eastman", is available and its originator, David Moles, said it was the result of excellent teamwork and he thanked all those who had been involved in its production.

During the evening, Lady Limerick, Roy Jeffries and Avril Gardner were honoured by being awarded the Eastman Fellowship in Dental Surgery in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Eastman Dental Institute and Hospital.

View the Book Launch photo gallery

bkl 01

Caroline Pankhurst, senior specialist clinical teacher, King's College London Dental Institute, and Professor Crispian Scully

bkl 02

John Hamburger, senior lecturer and consultant in oral medicine, Birmingham, Barry Cockcroft, chief dental officer ? England, and Janice Fiske, senior lecturer in sedation and special care dentistry, KCL Dental Institute

bkl 03

Professor Scully with Dr Giovanni Ballarani, a member of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain

bkl 04

Martin Delahunter, publishing editor Elsevier Healthcare, and Alasdair Miller, dental postgraduate dean, SW England, get some inside information from Noam Tamir, CEO Smile-on, on the new Demon iPod

bkl 05/06

Professor Scully presents Avril Gardner with her Eastman Fellowship certificate

bkl 07

A floral token of appreciation for Professor Scully?s PAs, Avril Gardner and Lesley Garlick

bkl 08

Professor Andrew Eder and David Moles help to promote the Eastman Diamond Jubilee celebrations

bkl 09

Sir Ian Gainsford, Brian Schottlander and Professor Scully

bkl 10

Professors Stephen Porter (academic head of the oral medicine and special needs dentistry unit) and

Andrew Eder (chair of restorative dentistry and dental education)

bkl 11

Alison Taylor, commissioning editor, Elsevier, Eddie Odell, senior lecturer in oral pathology, KCL Dental Institute, and Sarah Jenkins, assistant publishing editor health sciences, Elsevier

bkl 12

Professor Scully with his wife Zoe and daughter Frances

bkl 13

Presiding over an impressive display of Elsevier books were Daisy Cooke and Leanne McGill from the marketing department

bkl 14

A distinguished nose in the book: Barry Cockcroft gives the second edition his seal of approval

bkl 15

Warren Bierbaum, acute dental care department, KCL Dental Institute, Caroline Pankhurst and Chris Louca, senior clinical teaching fellow and deputy director, UCL Eastman

bkl 16

Rachel Leeson, specialist in oral surgery, EDH, and Richard Lanfean, The Royal London Hospital

bkl 17

Noam Tamir and Geoff Dunk, institute manager, UCL Eastman Dental Institute

bkl 18

Two members of the Eastman?s division of microbial diseases, Dave Spratt (senior lecturer and departmental graduate tutor) and Sajeda Meghji (reader) with Professor Nikolaos Donos, head of the unit of periodontology at the Eastman

bkl 19

Professor Scully with Mary NewingNote: Mary Newing reports, with photos