SIROEndo Pocket portable electronic root canal preparation unit

Minerva Dental?s SIROEndo Pocket is their new portable electronic root canal preparation unit for reliable and effective root canal therapy. Battery operated, it can be used even during the recharge phase and enables precise apex location and RCT instrumentation.

Extremely compact, it is easily transported between surgeries and fits comfortably on to any work surfaces. It features an adjustable, easy-to-view LED display and an easy to remove and clean handpiece mounting, which also acts as a carrying handle.

SIROEndo Pocket is incredibly versatile and can be used with both nickel-titanium and steel file systems. Recommended torque and speed settings are stored in a pre-programmed library and shown on its visual display. They can be altered to individual preferences. It also includes an accurate integrated apex locator, the approach to the apex being indicated both visibly and acoustically.

SIROEndo also incorporates an AutoReverse option, which stops the motor automatically and reverses direction when a pre-set torque is reached, eliminating the risk of jamming and file breakages. Similarly its Reverse function reverses rotation at the touch of a button. This action is signified audibly. The volume of all the audible signals is easily adjusted.

For further information please ask your local Minerva Representative or telephone 029 20 442800