Independent Advice for Successful Periodontal Treatment

Digital Dental, the UK?s leading independent digital imaging company, believe that high quality digital imaging is vital for successful periodontal treatment enabling dentists to perform an accurate and reliable diagnosis and monitor progress throughout the course of treatment.

Proud of their reputation, Digital Dental provides unbiased advice to enable Dentists to choose the right products for their individual digital imaging needs in every aspect of Dentistry. They have testaments to prove it. With over 10 years experience, they appreciate every Practice is different and has individual requirements. Therefore they offer a range of digital systems to deliver high quality panoramic, occlusal and intra digital radiographs in seconds, enabling their clients to make the best choice to integrate the latest and most appropriate digital tools into their Practices. Not restricted to one or two manufacturers, they believe they supply the best products on the market, products that can integrate with any Practice Management Software to deliver seamless integration and paperless Practices.

Their technically trained advisers are the same people who demonstrate, install and train their customers on the equipment they select. Ensuring their clients get exactly what they were promised. These advisors can demonstrate all their products at one visit and at a time to suit the Practice. This includes ?live? demonstrations rather than mock ups on dummy systems, enabling Practices to evaluate the actual performances of different options. They then install the equipment and provide comprehensive hardware and software training. Should a problem arise they can provide loan equipment to minimise disruption.

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