SIROEndo .. Electronic root canal preparation unit

The SIROEndo from Sident Dental Systems, the UK?s leading provider of Sirona equipment, is an innovative electronic root canal preparation unit for use with any conventional nickel-titanium or steel file system. It can be mounted on almost any dental unit via its swivel arm system. It is then available for immediate use.

SIROEndo is incredibly versatile because it can be used with any conventional nickel-titanium or steel file system, with the essential data for the file system in use always displayed on its easy-to-read screen. It also includes an integrated apex locator for optimum accuracy when measuring the root canal length. The torque and RPM of the handpiece can be adjusted at any time to suit individual requirements, while its Reduction facility can be used to select the most appropriate gear reduction ratio.

To help eliminate the risk of jamming and resultant instrument breakages, SIROEndo features an AutoReverse function, which can be activated or deactivated as appropriate. When a pre-set torque is reached this automatically stops the motor and reverses its direction. Activated at the touch of a button there is also a Reverse function which switches rotation to anti-clockwise.

Incorporating intelligent electronics, which makes it easy to operate, SIROEndo memorizes instrument data which can be retrieved at will. They also maximise safety and minimise the risk of instrument fractures. Additional data and settings can be downloaded and stored using the ?SIROEndo Memory Stick?.

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