email accounts transferred

If you have an email address at please be advised that these accounts have been, or are being, transferred to a new server. To minimise any disruption, the accounts are being recreated to retain the same email address and password as held previously but they do have a slightly different username. You will therefore need to change the settings in your email software as follows:

Where your user ID - used to be van???????? it is now van-firstpartofyouraddress so for example, if your email address is molar at your user ID is now van-molar Don't forget the dash or it will not work. It is also case sensitive so keep to all lowercase. We have tried to replicate passwords as far as possible but where this has not been possible, for example because they were too short or in the wrong format for the new servers, we have set new ones - if your password is not being accepted when you attempt to log but you have made the other changes shown above, simply use the Contact Us form or, if in the UK, you can call us. We'll ask you to identify yourself and will provide you with your new password.

The only other change is to your incoming mailserver which should be Outgoing mail server settings will remain the same, as they are those used by whoever provides your Internet service ie. BT, Virgin Media etc If you are in the UK and are using one of our dial-up accounts please contact us using the Contact Form for a new account - your outgoing mail server settings will change accordingly but we'll advise you.

Please NoteIncoming mail is being diverted to a holding account whilst all the accounts are recreated and will be forwarded to your new account as it becomes active. As soon as it is activated, you will be able to receive your mail as usual but you must change your account settings as above first.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any queries please report them using the Feedback form.

Don't have a free email account at ? These are available to anyone in dentistry, anywhere in the world, completely FREE!! Just use the Contact Us form to request an address and we'll create one for you. Free dial-up accounts to a low call rate 0845 number also available (UK only) - just request one using the Contact form.