Continued education for Nurses from Astra Tech

If you are a nurse with a thirst for acquiring more knowledge about implant dentistry, look no further than ?Advanced Implantology for Nurses? from Astra Tech scheduled for June 2nd in Birmingham.

The course follows on from Astra Tech?s Basic Implantology for Nurses and is designed to provide nurses with more knowledge and even greater confidence to tackle the subject of dental implants with patients and to learn further important nursing techniques.

The course covers treatment planning of complex cases, bone augmentation techniques and knowledge of advanced instrumentation, with particular attention to:
? What defines a complex case
? Assessment of the patient
? Anatomy
? Bone augmentation and sinus lifting
? The different types of grafts

With Implantology becoming a fast growing sector in dentistry, Astra Tech is fully committed to providing high quality and easily accessible courses to educate nurses, dentists and hygienists about the changes and improvements in Implantology.

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