Server upgrades planned - please read

In a constant strive to improve performance and functionality of our own and all of our hosted sites, we are updating our service by moving to faster, newer servers. Sites hosted by us will also be transferred as will all email accounts which will then receive dedicated access to a Tier 1 network

A number of new options for hosted sites will be available following this major upgrade, details of which will be announced soon.

The migration has been carefully planned and will commence this Friday 1st June around 12pm GMT with all data being copied to new servers. Sites will be accessible during this time and any interruption to email service is expected to be minimal and will be restored as quickly as possible.

Whilst sites should still be accessible, please note that any submissions or updates made during the transfer process will not be moved to the new servers so please refrain from submitting or updating content until the transfer is complete. This is particularly relevant with dynamic sites as once the databases have been transferred, any new submissions or site updates will not be copied and so should wait until the propagation process is complete. Normal service should resume within a few hours and all sites should be fully operational within 24-48 hours. As this is planned to take place over a weekend, we hope it will not cause too much disruption to our members and customers alike.

As the mail servers are also being transferred, we would advise everyone whose email accounts use our mail servers to ensure that they collect all mail and either empty or back-up mailboxes prior to this transfer. Separate notifications have been sent to all users about this.

This transfer has been carefully planned and will be done as quickly as as possible in order to minimise any disruption. We will post an update once the transfer is complete and submissions can then re-commence.

Note: This news post also appeared as a prominent message on the home page during the upgrade period and was updated daily.