Specialist dental ISP now offering fast broadband

Specialist ISP TheDentalWeb, long-time provider of Internet services to the dental profession and industry, now provides broadband connection speeds up to 8Mbps (depending on capacity and distance from exchange) and up to 448kbps upload. A 50:1 contention ratio means fast access with reduced bottlenecks and local rate dial-up access is available as a back-up in case of emergencies.

A 50GB fair use quota during peak hours (08:00 - 24:00) applies but you may use as much as you like off peak. Prices start from just £25.99 per month offering outstanding value. Accounts are payable monthly, quarterly or annually in advance. The minimum contract period is 30 days with a cancellation charge if the service is cancelled within the first twelve months.

TheDentalWeb is a full service ISP, that has been dedicated to the needs of dental professionals and the dental industry for nearly 10 years. Email, web hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration and consultancy are just some of the services available. If you want to make more of the Internet, for your business or practice or even for personal use - contact us http://www.thedentalweb.org/modules.php?name=Contact