Addressing submissions to a global audience

When making a submission to TheDentalWeb, do remember we are a global site - our visitors and members come from all over the world and it is that mult-national aspect that makes this such a valuable resource. We are really pleased to see more and more international submissions being made, from all around the world and therefore all of the content on our site must be addressed to that audience.

When making submissions, particularly for product-related news, please bear in mind that any special offers may be limited to certain territories and if so, ensure that it is stated within the information and also ensure that any country-specific details are included, with any contact telephone numbers preceded by the International dialling prefix. This will make it easier for interested parties to make contact and will not waste anyone's time if the offer is only valid within a certain area.

Any limited time offers should also show the dates during which the offer is valid - remember, no items are deleted from this site as items automatically get archived and visitors still find them when searching, so any special offers should be clearly dated.

As an early pioneer of the use of the Internet within the dental profession and industry, for almost ten years we have tried to encourage the use of the Internet for electronic communication. The acceptance of this has accelerated quickly in the past couple of years and The DentalWeb has evolved accordingly. To that end and in view of the growing numbers of international visitors, please note that we are now only including website URL's and email addresses in contact information accompanying product news submissions and will no longer include postal addresses or telephone numbers unless no electronic means of contact are available.

We believe that this helps everyone by making instant, low cost contact available and by allowing visitors to move easily around the global dental village, finding the information that is interesting and relevant to them.