Astra Tech?s Referral Packs

Astra Tech has recently introduced a Referral Pack both to assist its customers and to promote patient referrals. A marketing innovation in the implant field, the Pack is designed to be a versatile, practical and professional business tool to simplify the referral process.

Pack contents can be readily adapted to complement the specific requirements of individual practices and customised with the practice?s name, logo or other discrete details. A CD template in Word and Quark formats is included to enable either in-house or external printing.

Packs are divided into sections which each describe a phase of the referral process. First Contact offers an opportunity to describe the services provided and demonstrate the treatments available to patients of the client practice. Pre-Surgery covers the patient consultation, detailing diagnostics, treatment planning and required materials in preparation for Surgical Phase, which emphasises best practice and illustrates how the patient will be treated throughout the period of referral.

The second section, Restoration Phase, clarifies restorative protocol selection and communications between the laboratory and the dentist, and also identifies the position of the referring dentist during this phase of the treatment.

Three further sections are included offering general information, entitled The Team, Dental Team Training and Support and Patient Fees Insurance, which present the referral practice with an opportunity to introduce its team to potential client practices and consider the options for support and insurance costs. The pack also includes referral forms and a template for referral evening invitations.

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