DNNET CD ROM learning for Dental Nurses

In order to comply with new legislation, it will be necessary in the near future for all Dental Nurses in the UK to be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). In order to gain registration, Dental Nurses must demonstrate proof of competency in several Key areas.

DNNET is an interactive learning platform supplied in CD ROM format. DNNET covers all the learning material for the NVQ 3 in Dental Nursing and National Certificate of the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses, and this will include the underpinning knowledge Dental Nurses will need to register.

Volume one of DNNET covers three central units over three disks:
? Promoting, monitoring and maintaining health, safety and security in the workplace
? Preparing and Maintaining environments and instruments for clinical dental procedures
? Promoting and maintaining oral health: nutrition and general health

Of particular current interest, disk two covers the issue of infection control, teaching nurses how to ensure complete disinfection and sterilisation of equipment and surfaces. The unit focuses on cleaning methods and systems for limiting infection as well as looking at the importance of waste management and ensuring all dental nurses are aware of current legislation.

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