FAQ: Login/Registration


  • Why Do I Need To Register?

    Our site is open for everyone to have a look around. However, there are areas of the site as well as features and benefits available which are restricted to members only. To become a member you need to register.

  • What Is The Security Code For?

    The Security Code is used to ensure that only real people are accessing the site and not an automated system trying to harvest our member details and/or spam our forums etc. This is an added precaution so that we can maintain the integrity of the site and provide a more pleasant environment for our users. It works becuase in order to log in you must manually type in the security code which changes daily and becuase it is a graphic rather than a number, an automated system cannot read it.

  • I've registered - Now What?

    When you have registered and been notified that your registration was successful, you wil be sent an email within seconds to the email address you used when creating your account. When you receive that email, you must click on the link it contains which will take you to a special Account Activation area on the site so that you can activate your account. That is all there is to it - from now on you will be able to log in and out of the site whenever you choose.

  • I Haven't Received The Activation Email - Now What?

    The email is automatically sent to the email address you gave when you registered. Please ensure that you are able to receive mail at that address.

  • I Can't Log In - What's Wrong?

    If you are receiving a Login Incorrect! Please try again.. message you may have entered your Nickname or Password incorrectly. Please enter them again carefully ensuring that you type them EXACTLY as you did when creating your account. PLEASE NOTE - both your Nickname and Password are case sensitive so fbloggs is not the same as Fbloggs, fBloggs or FBloggs. Also check that you have not inadvertently depressed your Capslock or Numlock keys. If you are still having trouble logging in, please close your browser and restart and navigate to the site again. Try again to log in. You may also want to try clearing your cache. Check that you are entering the correct password - clicking on Lost Password? will cause the system to email a code to the address registered on your account, you can then enter this code and your password will be sent. If you still cannot log in, please leave a message in the support forum explaining what you have done and any messages you received and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Why Can't I Access Some Parts Of the Site?

    If you are seeing No Entry signs on some areas of the site menu, you are not logged in as a member. Go to the top menu bar or My DentalWeb and log in. If you are logged in but you are still unable to access some areas, you may be trying to access a closed or hidden area for one of our User Groups. To get access to these areas you must join the group concerned.

  • Why Have I Been Logged Out?

    For security reasons, you will be logged out of the site automatically if you have been inactive for a period of time. This is for your own benefit so that no-one else could post comments or messages for example in your name. If you elect to Keep Me Logged In Til I Log Out then you will be responsible if anyone else accesses the site in your name during that time.

  • Why Must i Log out?

    It is important to remember to log out when you leave the site, otherwise someone else with access to the computer you have used to connect to the site could use it in your name. For example, any comments made on an article or messages they posted in the forum would made in your name. If they behaved badly on the site it would be your account that was suspended and even your IP address which could be banned.

  • How Do I Know If I Am Logged In?

    The horizontal menu bar along the top of the site will show a link to Log Out - if you are not logged in that link will show Log In. Also, your avatar, if you have selected one, and your nickname will appear in a My DentalWeb panel at the top right of the site if you have switched on Activate My Personal Menu. Warning - If you share access to a computer we recommend that you activate the My Personal Menu then if My DentalWeb panel shows someone other than you, another user is logged to the site. You will need to click Log In in order to log in with your own details. Please also refer to the Customising Member Profile FAQ

  • How Do I Activate My Personal Menu

    In My DentalWeb select My Home and click in the box to select Activate My Personal Menu. This will enable a panel which will appear at the top right of the site which will contain your nickname and avatar (for quick reference to see who is logged in on a shared machine) as well as quick access to My Bookmarks, Bookmark this page, Logout and access to Private Messages. If you wish to disable this panel at a later date, unclick the Activate My Personal Menu box. Please also refer to the Customising Member Profile FAQ

  • What Are User Groups?

    User Groups consist of a group of members who have something in common - for example, customers of a company, readers of a journal, members of an association etc. Different User Groups have access to different areas of the site, some of which may be closed or hidden from regular or non-group members. Members of User Groups may also see news, articles and other information which is not visible to non-members. If you are a member of one of these groups, you will have been added to the group by the group moderator. If you are not a member and want to join, you will need to apply. Bear in mind however that some groups may have a restricted membership.

  • How Do I Join A User Group?

    To join one or more of the groups, select User Groups from the menu. Pick the group you would like to join from those listed in Non Member Groups and click View Information. You will be able to see more about the group, who the members are, who is the group moderator and whether it is an Open, Closed or Hidden Group. To request membership, click Join Group. This will send a request to the group moderator who decides who joins their group. You will be advised by email whether your request is successful or not and if it is, the moderator will add you to the list of members. Once you are a member of the group, you will automatically gain access to any closed or hidden areas that group has including any forums they run. Please note, TheDentalWeb cannot influence whether or not you are granted membership of a group - the decision is up to the Group Moderator.

  • How Do I Start A User Group?

    If you represent a group or association and you would like have your own User Group please contact us. We can tailor the group to your specific needs either as an open, closed or hidden group, with or without a forum, with or without an image library. If your needs are such you can even charge for subscriptions and have a facility to store documents for download and products to buy. Simply let us know what you need.

  • I've Been Banned - What's Going On?

    The vast majority of visitors and members will hopefully never experience this. However, if you have been banned it could be for one of the following reasons: 1. Repeatedly posting offensive forum messages or comments or other inappropriate behaviour even after a moderator has issued a warning 2. Suspicious activity trying to access our database and/or server 3. Someone else has done any of the above in your name or from your IP address.