FAQ: Submissions


  • How do I submit a Link

    You can either do so directly from within the Links section by clicking Add Link or you can go into My DentalWeb and click Submissions and then Submit Link. Follow the on screen instructions to submit your link.

  • How do I ensure my Link is found easily?

    Links are more easily found when visitors search when they have clear titles and accurate descriptions using appropriate keywords. Tip: use keywords that visitors are likely to use in searches when you want to be found.

  • How do I submit News?

    Select News in the Submissions area of My DentalWeb and follow the instructions. Please check your story before submitting as you will not be abe to make any changes to it afterwards. For best results use clear titles, make the opening paragraph interesting to encourage visitors to read on and utilise keywords where possible.

  • How do I ensure my News is read?

    The three main things you can do - 1. choose a short, clear, yet descriptive title - where necessary, for clarity or brevity, titles will be edited by one of our team. 2. make the opening paragraph interesting to encourage visitors to 'read more'. News stories that get the most 'reads' have interesting titles and opening paragraphs which make the reader want to find out more. 3. include an appropriate image. Stories with images tend to attract more visitors and encourage more 'reads'. You might also consider asking for readers opinions by allowing comments, inviting votes or have a poll to ask readers a question.

  • How do I know how many people have read my News story?

    Every time a unique visitor clicks on ...read more after the leading paragraph of a news story, that is recorded as a 'read'. Those with the most 'reads' appear in the Trending section so other visitors can see which stories are most popular and most deserving of their time and attention. This in turn attracts more visitors to read and so the item becomes more popular.

  • Why is nobody reading my News story?

    Perhaps it is boring! In order to grab the attention of visitors, news needs to sound interesting and informative and offer some reward, such as knowledge or information - visitors will not take the time to read it otherwise. Product launches for example, although clearly of interest to the companies and PR agents involved, may not be of the utmost interest to everyone and some members may have configured their home page display not to show Product News, so you may need to think of ways of getting their attention. In addition to making it interesting, other things to try might include Tweeting or linking from your own website.

  • Why has my News story been edited?

    Every news submission is checked by an editor before being published, to ensure relevance and interest and also to correct any typing, spelling or grammatical errors, remove any incompatible formatting, excessive use of capitals or any exclamation marks or trailing dots in titles (headlines) and test any URLS included. As titles and leading paragraphs appear in summary, including on the Home page, any that are regarded as unsuitable, misleading or otherwise ineffective may be re-written. Editors may also edit, rewrite or reword content as needed. Submissions which contain a number of errors may be discarded so do take time to check.

  • Why has my News story not been published?

    Our Submission Guidelines explain our policy on what submissions we will and will not accept - for example, news submissions which are irrelevant or that appear to be nothing more than blatant advertising or PR with no interest for readers will not be published. Please do not submit stories of this nature - if you are looking for exposure on the site we have many other ways to help you.
    Similarly, duplicate submissions are deleted so if not successful the first time do not just re-submit, try re-writing it and consider including an image before submitting again.

  • How do I include an Image with my story?

    Images can be included easily in your submission by using HTML tags in the leading paragraph or story text box and by providing a link to where your image is hosted.
    eg, <img src="/web-url/filename.jpg" alt="Image description or caption" &rt;
    It is not possible to upload images to our server. We do not currently provide image hosting facilities although this facility may be added in future for a nominal charge to cover optimisation and storage.

  • How do I submit an Event?

    Details of a conference, exhibition, seminar or other event relevant to dentistry, can be submitted by selecting Submit Event in the Submissions area of My DentalWeb. Provide as much information as possible so that the event is found easily when visitors use the Search facility and also so that potential attendees can judge if the event is of interest. In particular, ensure that the Short Title is descriptive as that is the entry which appears in summary on the Home page.

  • How do I specify an audience for my Event?

    Our Events calendar provides the facility to indicate the audience for which your event is aimed. So, if targetting dentists for example, select the 'dentist' check box in the Audience panel. If also suitable for hygienists, select the 'PCD' check box and so on. If it is of general interest, do not select any Audience check boxes. You may use the 'Other Information' text box to add any further details.

  • How do I show that my Event is CPD Verified?

    The Events Calendar allows you to indicate how many hours of CPD can be obtained by attending and whether or not it is verifiable. Please ensure that the information you provide is accurate - if you are not sure whether the CPD hours are verfiable then please do not indicate that they are. Further details can be entered in the Additional Information text box

  • How do I edit or remove a News submission?

    News submissions cannot be amended, deleted or replaced other than by a site administrator. If you have made a submission which you then wish to withdraw, amend or replace, submit again using *REPLACES* in the title and add a clear, explanatory message in the text for the editor. Once a News submission has been published, it is live on the Internet and cannot be retracted as the very nature of the web is that information is picked up by various sources and spreads easily.

    News stories are automatically archived so that they can still be accessed, searched for and read in the Archive, so when adding any time-limited offers, do make sure they are clearly shown as such.

  • How do I remove or edit an Event I submitted?

    Past events simply stay in the calendar so they can be searched on and accessed until the number of entries in the calendar are such that some months need to be archived. If a future event has been postponed, cancelled or the date otherwise changed, please submit as a new event with the text *REPLACES* and use the Additional Information text box to clearly advise which event it is replacing or amending and we will amend or replace the entry. It is not currently possible to request an event modification through the Submissions area but this feature may be added in the future.

  • How do I request a modification to an Event someone else has submitted?

    If an event you have organised is shown incorrectly in the Calendar or has been rescheduled or changed, please let us know by using the Contact form.

  • How can I contribute an Article?

    Do you have expertise in a particular field of dentistry? Are you a specialist in certain treatment techniques or an experienced user of specific dental equipment? Do you have an interesting story relating to dentistry that you would like to relate? We are always happy to receive contributions of articles for publication on the DentalWeb. Submit your article using the Submissions area in My DentalWeb. It will be reviewed by an editor and if it meets the Editorial Guidelines it will be published. You will receive full credit with a link back to your website. (Don't forget to include the url)

  • How do I submit a Review?

    If you would like to write a review about anything that you use, an event you have attended or a book you have read, and it is relevant or of interest please select Submit Review in the Submissions Centre of My DentalWeb. Follow the instructions and write your review making it as interesting and as informative as possible. Please try to be objective and as helpful and descriptive as you can, as this will ensure your review is of interest and beneficial to other visitors.

  • What products should I Review?

    Anything at all, if it is useful to anyone in dentistry. It can be an item of equipment or material you use, a particular service provider, a book or other reference, a software application - the choice is endless. From time to time, we may be approached by manufacturers or suppliers looking for one of our members to review their products and in that instance an announcement will be made on the site giving details and inviting those interested to apply.

  • How can I get my product/service reviewed?

    If you would like us, or one of our members, to review your product or service, in the first instance please contact us with details of the item and any criteria necessary (i.e. if it is a software product, the reviewer needs access to a computer so advise minimum hardware/OS requirements). Please also advise whether or not the reviewer will be able to keep the item after the review. We will then place an announcement on the site inviting members who fit that criteria to apply. After the review period, an editorial review will be published on the site where it can be read by all visitors.

  • Why did my News submission take a while to publish?

    When we receive a high number of new submissions at one time, some will be held back and reviewed at a later date when it is quieter. This policy ensures a regular stream of fresh news and gives every submission a fair chance of appearing on the Home page. Submissions sent to us by email will inevitably be delayed due to then having to be manually submitted to the site before an editor can review. All submissions should therefore be done via the Submissions area on the site to ensure they are dealt with expediency. Submissions for a breaking story or in impending event for example, could include the text *BREAKING* in the title to attract an editor's attention.

  • Can someone else submit on my behalf?

    Every submission published contains a link to the person or organisation that submitted it. This helps to raise your profile and increase your ranking both on this site and in search engines. If someone else submits on your behalf, using a different user account, the content will be linked to them instead of you.

    We do not recommend sharing access to your personal user account with anyone else, so it may be more appropriate to create a shared account for your organisation, to which the appropriate people have controlled access and they can then submit content which will be linked to the organisation. If you share account details with anyone else you accept responsibility for any content they submit in your name.

  • What can I do about something submitted in my name?

    We do not recommend sharing access to your personal user account with anyone else. In doing so you accept responsibility for any content they submit in your name. If you are concerned that someone may be submitting inappropriate content in your name, change your account password and ensure it is not given to anyone else. This will ensure no further submissions are made other than by you. To remove or amend any submissions already made, please see the relevant FAQ.

  • Can I submit by email?

    Please do not send submissions by email - these will be inevitably delayed as they still need to be submitted on the site before an editor can review and approve. All submissions should therefore be done via the Submissions area in My DentalWeb to ensure they are handled as quickly as possible and to ensure the source is properly credited.

  • Submission Guidelines - Do's and Don't's

    Submissions that are news-worthy and relevant are more likely to be published
    Interesting content gets more 'reads' and is more likely to be indexed by search engines
    Leading paragraph text also appears in summary on the Home page and other areas,, so make it interesting to encourage more 'reads'
    Short Titles in Event submissions appear in summary on the Home page and in Upcoming Events to keep it clear but concise to encourage views
    Keep titles descriptive, clear, simple and succinct - makes it easier for readers with handheld devices
    Use keywords wisely in titles and leading paragraphs - encourage indexing by search engines and make your content easier to find
    Enter text in plain text only - if copying and pasting ensure you REMOVE any formatting. Format a web url with HTML - visitors can click to follow easily Include a url wherever possible - make it easy for visitors to find out more about you, your product, service or organisation
    Check for typing, spelling and grammatical errors before submitting
    Submit event-based content as an 'event' for inclusion in the Events Calendar
    Use ALL CAPITALS or excessive exclamation marks - these will be removed
    Use unnecessary HTML tags - a limited selection are available
    Duplicate or send irrelevant content - it will be deleted
    Submit blatant advertising or PR - it will not be published
    Submit content to which you do not have rights
    Submit images - instead link to the image hosted on your own server

  • How do I make a link 'clickable'?

    To make it easy for visitors to find out more, always include a link in your submissions where possible. To make the link clickable format with HTML tags:
    e.g., < a href="http://www.yourwebsitenamehere.org" target="_blank">your website name< /a>