FAQ: Messages


  • What Are Private Messages?

    Private Messages are messages which you can send another member of TheDentalWeb on an individual basis which no other member will see.

  • Why Would I Send A Private Message?

    If you wanted to communicate directly with a member - for example, if you or they do not have email or if you want to exchange messages quickly whilst on the site. You might also want to communicate with another member privately rather than in one of the forums where other members will also see your messages.

  • Why Not Just Use Email?

    Private Messaging is just another form of communication. It is not intended to replace email but at times it may be more convenient or more immediate (if the member you are messaging is also on the site). Just because you may have a mobile phone doesn't mean you need to stop using your landline - you use whichever is most appropriate and most convenient for the purpose, and Private Messaging (PM as it is commonly lnown) is the same.

  • How Do I Send A Message?

    Go to My DentalWeb and select Messages and click New Post, and simply enter the nickname of the member you want to send the message to. Type your message into the content box and when you are finished click Preview or Send. Those familiar with using the forums will instantly recognise what to do as they use the same functions.

  • How Do I Find A Members Nickname?

    If you are not quite sure of the nickname a member is using, click Find A User name and type in the first character or two and select them from the list. Alternatively, you can use the Member List to find a member's nickname and click the PM button next to their name to send a Private Message. You will also find other areas in the site where a PM button appears next to a members name.

  • How Do I Know My Message Has Been Sent?

    Once you have clicked the Submit button,you will see a message stating that your message has been sent. Your message will go to your Outbox awaiting delivery and from there it will then transfer to your Sent box once it has been delivered.

  • Why Is My Message Still In My Outbox?

    If the member you are addressing is on the site when you send the message, it will be delivered immediately to their Inbox and will be transferred to your Sent box. Otherwise, if the member is not on the site, it will remain in your Outbox until it is delivered i.e. when the member you are sending to next logs in to the site.

  • I Get A Message Stating The Member Doesn't Exist!

    You may have mistyped the members nickname or have the incorrect name. Try finding them with the Find A User name button or look them up on the Member List.

  • How Do I Know If I Have Any New Messages?

    There are several ways - if you have activated your Personal Menu in My DentalWeb, you will see a panel which appears top right on most pages of the site which shows your nickname and avatar (if you have one) and also how many Messages you have in your Inbox and how many are unread. These are shown by two small animated envelopes. If you haven't activated your personal menu, you can go to Messages in My DentalWeb at any time to check if you have new messages.

    There are also options in My Info in My DentalWeb where you can choose to activate a pop-up window advising you when a new message is received. Please note however, that if you have disabled pop-ups in your Browser, this will not work.