FAQ: Dial-Up Accounts


  • How do I get a free dial-up account?

    Please contact us.

  • What number do I call for dial-up access?

    In most cases you will call 0845 667 1019 if you are in the UK. We do not have International dial-up accounts unfortunately. You can find access numbers for ISDN modems and other connections as well as connection instructions here

  • How do I configure my system for dial-up access?

    Full instructions, together with access telephone numbers, are given here

  • I have configured my system but I can't dial out. What do I do?

    Please check that the modem is switched on (if it is an external unit) and that it is plugged in to the telephone line.

    Do you need to dial 9 or some other number to get an outside line - if so that digit must preceed the telephone number in the dial-up string and you may need to place one or more comma's i.e. 9,,0845 667 1019 to force the modem to paus for a second or more before dialling the number to be sure it has picked up a line.

    Please also check whether you are able to dial out using any other facility on your computer. A good one to try is the Dialler - you will find it by clicking on Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications if you use Windows. This launches a small telephone dialler which you can use to try dialling another number you have access to such as a second line, mobile phone etc (be careful not to call the number you are dialling from). If you can dial the number and that phone rings then there is probably an incorrect setting in the configuration for the dial-up account.

    If you cannot get a line to dial out then the problem is also likely to be a configuration one but do check your phones first, in case there is a problem with your line.

    You could also try restarting your computer in case the modem has locked up or Windows thinks another application is using the port.

    If you cannot resolve the problem, Technical Support is available on this number:

  • I can dial out but I can't get access. What do I do?

    If you have established that you are getting an outside line and that your system is dialling out correctly but you simply cannot get access to TheDentalWeb you can try the following:

    Check that your password and login ID are correct. Be aware that this will invariably be different to your email login ID and password (although they may be the same if you have set them up or requested them to be).

    Check that you can get dial-up access to any other online service you may use

    Try one of the other access numbers

    Call our Technical Support line on:

  • How much does it cost?

    It costs nothing to have a dial-up account from us. The only costs you will incurr are the telephone call charges based on the amount of time you stay online. On the Pay As You Go service these call charges are the same as for voice calls with the same Peak and Offpeak call times.

    There are access bundles available and also an unmetered service for heavy users or for those needing to spend a long time online. Full details available soon.

    Coming soon - ADSL for always on, always connected Internet service.