FAQ: Websites


  • My patients keep asking if I have a web site. I know I need one but where do I start?

    Right here! We are able to provide you with a choice of a 'build-it-yourself' template packages, or a full custom design solution. Just select the package that suits your budget and needs the best, and leave the rest to us!

  • I want to go ahead but I don't know what to write or how to write it. Can you do that for me?

    We certainly can and our rates are competitive. We can conduct a telephone interview with you and then write some interesting copy for you to approve. This service is charged on an hourly basis.

  • We have some material but we don't have it in electronic format.

    No problem. Just send the leaflet to us and we will re-type the information with the same charge as for copywriting. We can also scan any photographs or slides you may have and optimise them for web use at a flat cost per image. Any images requiring enhancement, manipulation, colour correcting or other work will be quoted for according to what is required. Important : Please ensure you own the copyright to any images you want to use on your site or that you have purchased a license to enable you to use them. Will will ask for confirmation of this before work commences.

  • We have lots of material stored in files on my computer. What format do you need it in and how do we send it?

    We can accept files in most formats, in both Mac and PC format, and most applications will offer a facility to export to one or more common formats. Create plain text files for content in Microsoft Word or RTF (Rich Text Format) otherwise ASCII (plain) text or comma-delimited text files are fine. Graphics files come in many different formats with JPEG, Gif, TIFF, PNG the most common. Graphics or logos should be sent in as high a resolution as possible, such as Postscript or EPS files or native Photoshop or Illustrator format. We can then resize as required. Photographs should be sent as JPG files but please be aware that these files have been compressed so may lose some quality. As a rule, the larger the original the better, so we can reduce down and preserve the quality and optimise for web use. Send your files via email unless very large when they can be sent on CD.

  • I have some photographs as prints I would like on my website - can you use them?

    Certainly. We can scan these for you and do any retouching that may be necessary, but please bear in mind that this will incurr additional charges. It is your responsibility to ensure that you either own the copyright or have purchased a license in order to use any photographic images.

  • I can take my own photographs with my digital camera - are those suitable?

    They certainly are - send them to us as JPeg files by email, or on disk and we will resize and optimise those to be used. Tip - shoot in the highest possible resolution and use the sRGB colour setting.

  • I already have a web site but I am not happy with it. Can you rebuild it for me?

    Yes we can. We can take the images and information currently in use and rebuild into a new design for you. Tell us what you don't like about your existing site and we will create a new one for you.

  • I don't have time to sort all of this out - I just want a web site! Can you visit me, take some photographs, collect the information and then go back and create a site for me?

    Absolutely! We would be happy to do this but will need to chat with you first to see what you need and what you are planning to achieve with your site. We also need to establish your budget and get an idea of the costs involved. Simply send us your contact details and we'll call you.

  • Is your web design service just for dentists or do you work with the trade also?

    We are delighted to work with anyone in dentistry and have built custom-designed sites for some well-respected names in the dental trade. The same principles apply - contact us and let us talk about your ideas. We are also happy to extend provision of our services to businesses outside of dentistry.

  • I don't really want my own site - can I have a bit of yours?

    You certainly can! We have a few satellites which are part of TheDentalWeb and yet are self-contained sites in their own right. This has the benefit of being part of a bigger site and receiving more visitors whilst still giving you a web address where you can be found easily.

  • What is copyright and why do I need to worry about it?

    A common misconception is that whatever is on the Internet is free for the taking, that you can simply copy text and download images you may find and use them as your own. This is incorrect - you will be infringing someone else's Intellectual Property by doing this. If you write the copy for your website - the IP it is yours, it belongs to you and you own the copyright so you are free to use it as you wish, for ever and whatever you choose. Similarly if you take the photographs or design your logo. If any of these has been created by someone else however, the copyright belongs to them and you do not have automatic rights to use (copy) that content without their permission or paying a licence fee. You must ensure therefore that you have the necessary permission to use any material that is published on your website. If you find an image on the Internet that you would like to use - you must contact the owner for permission and pay a licence fee. If a local designer created an advert for you to run in a local magazine, you must get their permission to use that artwork on your website and pay any additional fee required.

  • I don't have any material to use on my site - where can I get some?

    The images on your site are important as they add some interest and help to create a good impression and say a lot about you and your business. Hiring a professional photographer to produce images of your practice and staff is a good place to start. Good quality generic or stock images are also available for web use from various libraries, such as Alamy, at low cost. There are a wide range from which to choose as well as a selection of dental images, some of which can be bought in bulk on CD. Content is king and you certainly will need some content to make your site interesting and attract visitors. Think about who could write some for you, a local journalist perhaps or again, there are libraries specialising in supplying generic articles on all kinds of subject matter from which you can buy a licence to use on your site. Unless you are just starting out you probably already have a logo and perhaps some other graphics which can be incorporated in the design - speak to the designer to get permission to use them. Alternatively, consider a complete new design which can then be used in other marketing materials. If you don't have a big budget, there are other solutions. You can take your own pictures with a low cost digital camera which will produce reasonable results, quite sufficient for on-screen display. You can always write articles of your own to publish. If you don't already have a logo or are looking for new on a budget, there are also libraries from which graphics and logos can be licenced.There are also free resources where you can find content to use at no cost but in return you must acknowledge the authors and provide links back to their website.