FAQ: Hosting


  • I already have a web site which I am happy with, but I am not happy with the hosts. Can you take it over for me?

    We'd be delighted to. Just choose the hosting package most suited to your needs and let us know what you want to do. Then you need to follow the instructions for transferring your domain to our servers.

  • What are your charges for hosting?

    We offer three packages, one for each level of requirement. You can upgrade to a higher level package at any time if you choose. Packages are yearly to keep your costs down, payable in advance. At the end of the year we will invoice you for the following year and you have an option to upgrade then if you choose.

  • What is web hosting and do I need it?

    Web sites need a host, or a server on which to reside. It is impractical for most small businesses to even consider running their own Internet servers due to costs, technical requirements, expertise, time, maintenance costs etc. so they look for provision of this service from their Internet Service Provider or web design company. Effectively, you are paying rent for your web site to live on someone else's server and to be backed up and maintained by them.

  • I would like to build my own web site. Can you host it for me?

    Yes we can. Simply select a hosting package in line with your budget and needs and let us know which you prefer. We will set up a hosting account and webspace for you and create an FTP account so you can access the space to publish your site when you are ready.

  • I have heard that if you use Front Page to build a website, when it is published some of the features don't work - is there something special needed?

    Yes, there is - you need the Front Page Server Extensions to be enabled on your host server. We can provide this facility as an add-on module in conjunction with any of our hosting packages. We do not use Front Page when creating web sites so this module is not needed with our web packages.

  • What is a CGI Bin and do I need one?

    Many web sites make use of forms and scripts of various descriptions which, in order to work, need to be kept in a CGI Bin on your web server. We can provide a private bin which is solely for your site, in which you put your own scripts.

  • What type of servers do you use?

    Our servers are state-of-the-art UNIX machines running the acclaimed Apache web server software. We are also able to provide support for PHP and provide a SQL database.