FAQ: Customising/Member Profile


  • What Is An Avatar and Why Would I Want One?

    An avatar is a small image which is used to identify you on the site and provide you with an online 'personality'. This is especially useful when communicating in the forums as you will quickly identify other members by their avatars and they you by yours. There is another important reason for choosing an avatar however - if you have activated your Personal menu in My DentalWeb, this panel appears at the top right of the Home page and shows your avatar. If you share access to a computer this provides a quick and easy way to check who is logged in at any time. If it is not your avatar you need to log in.

  • How Do I Change My Avatar?

    When you activate your membership, you are provided with the default avatar (currently a sparkling tooth) which is used when you post messages in the Forums or when accessing My DentalWeb. To change this to another image, go into My DentalWeb and select Profile, and then choose My Information. Where you see your current avatar, click List and you will see a display of all of the avatars currently available together with their names. Using the drop down box select the name of the avatar you wish to use. Make any other changes and then click Save Changes.

  • Why Don't I Have An Avatar?

    You probably selected the blank avatar or if you were an early member of the site it may have been provided automatically. A blank one is provided for those members who may not want to use an avatar. See the How Do I Change My Avatar? FAQ for instructions on how to change this.

  • I Don't Want An Avatar - How Do I Remove It?

    It is not possible to remove an avatar, however for those members who do not wish to have one we have provided a Blank which can be used instead. Simply follow the instructions for How Do I Change My Avatar? and select the file blank.gif from the list of avatars displayed. After you have saved the changes, you will no longer have a visible avatar.

  • Why Have I Got An Avatar When I Didn't Have One Previously?

    Early members of the site were provided with a blank avatar which many appeared not to have realised could be changed. We have therefore changed this so that all new members are provided with a default one which can easily be changed. Existing member accounts have been updated with the default avatar. Member accounts which had specifically selected the blank avatar have not been changed.

  • How Do I Activate My Personal Menu?

    In My DentalWeb select My Home (part of Profile) and click in the box to select Activate My Personal Menu. This will enable a panel which will appear at the top right of the site which will contain your nickname and avatar (for quick reference to see who is logged in on a shared machine) as well as quick access to My Bookmarks, Bookmark this page, Logout and access to Private Messages. If you wish to disable this panel at a later date, unclick the Activate My Personal Menu box.

  • How Do I Configure My Home Page?

    In My DentalWeb, select My Configuration (part of Profile on the Menu) and you will see a number of options for configuraing your Home Page. You can choose how many news items you want to see displayed, and in which topics of news you are interested. For example, if you don't want to read Product News you can deselect it.
    If you only want to see News Headlines rather then the leading paragraph in each story, select the Mini News option by clicking in the box. This will condense all of the news into headlines only so you can fit many more news items on the page. Turn it off by clicking in the box to deselect it.
    We will be adding more options in due course so that you can choose the content of some of the side panels for example.

  • What Do YIM, AIM and ICQ etc Mean?

    If you are a member of Yahoo, MSN, ICQ or AOL you may have a unique identifier which is used for Instant Messaging - a system whereby friends can see when you are online and message you for example. This section of My DentalWeb, in My Information, provides you with the faciity to enter these membership numbers if you choose to, so that friends or colleagues who are also members of TheDentalWeb can see you are online and can contact you. It is purely optional and is provided as a convenience.

  • How Do I Set Up My Bookmarks?

    Wherever you go on this site, you can store the page in My Bookmarks so that you can easily find it again on another occasion. It works a little like your Favourites. On any page where you see the small blue flag or Bookmark This Page link simply click on it to add it to your own bookmarks. You can then organise your them in My Bookmarks by adding new ones, editing existing or adding categories or removing those no longer used. You can even import your favourites from Microsoft Explorer. As your Bookmarks are accessible from your Personal Menu anywhere on the site, they provide a quick and easy way to visit the sections you frequent the most.

  • What Are Custom Headlines?

    The Custom Headlines facility is provided as a convenient way for you to pick up a news feed from an external site. For example, if you always like to check the Business News provided by the BBC each day, instead of having to go to the BBC site to read the news and then come here, or vice versa, you can instead choose to receive those headlines on this site directly into My DentalWeb.

  • How Do I Set Up Custom Headlines?

    Go into My DentalWeb and under My Custom Headlines there is a drop down box with some common news feeds already installed. All you need to do is select one of them and your headlines will appear below the box. If you want to receive a feed not shown on the list, you need to have the name of an RSS or XML file as provided by the source of the news feed, and enter that into the box provided and select Go. Your feed should appear below the box.

    Please remember that these feeds are coming from an external site and are not under our control. If the feed you select does not work or is taken offline, we will be unable to help. You can either choose another feed, wait a day or so and see if the one you had selected comes back online, or visit the external site directly.

  • What Are Submissions?

    As a member of TheDentalWeb you are able to submit news stories, web links, reviews, events and other information to us for publication on the site. Access the Submissions area either from My DentalWeb or from the site menu and select the icon for the area in which you would like to make a submission. Simply follow the on screen instructions. If you have any further questions please refer to the Submissions FAQ

  • How Do I Submit Content?

    All submissions for news, links, downloads, reviews and web links are done through the Submissions Centre in My DentalWeb and instructions are provided for each type of submission. Please refer to the Submissions FAQ for further help and advice on submitting.

  • I Have Useful Content I Would Like To Share - How Do I Do It?

    Go to the Submissions Centre in My DentalWeb and select the icon most appropriate to the content you would like to submit. Further help can be found in the Submissions FAQ.

  • What Are The Comments For?

    Many of the news stories submitted invite Comments from members. This interaction is what helps to aid communication and make the site more interesting as the content is constantly changing. As a member you are able to add a comment wherever you see the Add Comment link, so if you have just read a piece of controversial news you have a view on - state it! Add a comment but be prepared for other members to add theirs to which may not agree with you - this is the spirit of free discussion which we encourage.

    If you have submitted a news story and want other members to comment do remember to Activate Comments. And if you want to submit an article for an interactive discussion, simply Activate Comments.